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The one event that will have everyone talking this year will be the William and Kate wedding, set to occur on the 29th April in the stunning Westminster Abbey. Following the pronouncement of the engagement between William and Kate, London walking tours tracing the footsteps of this royal couple became prevalent almost immediately. Will and Kate royal wedding tours are the ideal choice for anyone who has pursued the narrative of the charming couple.

Will and Kate royal wedding walks are an excellent way to uncover things to do in London, as you walk past key landmarks of London famed not only for their associations with the couple but also for their rich histories. An obvious site to visit is Buckingham Palace the Royal Residence since 1836, and the kind of architectural landmark that impresses itself deep in your psyche as one of the most extraordinary things you have ever seen. Perhaps even witness the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony, depending on the walking tour.

Places also likely to be covered on a Will and Kate royal wedding walk include Mahiki, St James Palace, the Queens Chapel and the inimitable Ritz Hotel.

Renowned all over the world, and favoured by royals, the Ritz is one of London's best hotels. Grandiose St James Palace, one of Londons oldest palaces, has a dramatic history and is currently the residence of Prince William and Harry. This makes these two sites of key importance on any William and Kate London walking tour.

Mahiki is a nightclub oft frequented by the young and wealthy. The promotions manager of Mahiki is a close friend of Prince Harrys and William has been known to frequent the club.

The eminent Garrards Jeweller is unsurpassable as the oldest jewellers in the world, and where Williams father, Prince Charles, bought an engagement ring for his intended, Lady Diana Spencer. The ring passed to Dianas children following her untimely death in 1997. William gave it to Kate when they became engaged, making it a key destination on a Will and Kate royal wedding tour.

Kate Middleton attended her second Royal wedding at the Queens Chapel, making it an essential place to visit. The Chapel was also where Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's body was placed for several days during the preparations for her lying-in-state in Westminster Hall.

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One of the ever increasingly popular things to do in London is to embark upon a Will and Kate royal wedding tour, as an alternative to more typical sightseeing day tours of London.

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Will And Kate Royal Wedding Walking Tour

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